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"Passion must be present in every endeavor. Without passion it is a useless venture, wherever you find yourself, practicing, working or teaching, do so with passion for people will feel it in you.”
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Tsuruoka Karate Organization
General Inquiries:

TKO Representative: John Kearsley

Coalhurst Shotokan Karate Club
Box 1003
Coalhurst, AB
Kevin Mazerolle, Head Instructor

British Columbia
TKO Representative: Gord Kirschner

Kelowna Tsuruoka Karate Club
Parkinson Recreation Centre
1800 Parkinson Way
Kelowna, BC
Rick Penner, Head Instructor

Rodney Hobson Karate Academy
Rutland Centennial Hall
180A Rutland road
Kelowna, BC
Rodney Hobson, Head Instructor

New Brunswick
TKO Representative South: Oscar Leger
TKO Representative North : Dr. Mea
TKO Repreentative: Denis McLauglin

Oscar Leger School of Karate
Tsuruoka Style
P. O. Box 742
Moncton, NB
E1C 8M9
Oscar Leger, Head Instructor

Karate Acadie
Tsuruoka Karate
960 Ch St. Andre
St. Andre/Leblanc, N.B.
E4P 6E9
Arthur Bourgeois, Head Instructor

Karate Tsuruoka -St. Isidore
499 Rue Basque,
Tracadie-Sheila, N. B.
E1X 1B
Denis McLaughlin, Head Instructor

Karate Tsuruoka Tracadie-Sheila
121 Rue Rioux
St. Isidore NB
E8M 1E9
Romain Losier, Head Instructor

Mea School of Tsuruoka Karate Caraquet
P.O. Box 5520,
Caraquet, NB
E1W 1B7
Dr. D. M. Mea, Head Instructor
Jason D. Mea, Head Instructor

Tsuruoka Pokemouche
9992 Route 11,
Losier Settlement, N.B.
E1X 3C5
Emery Robert, Head Instructor

Kerry Karate Dojo
1047 ch. Rivière à la Truite
Rivière à la Truite, N.B.
E1X 2M5
Serge Kerry, Head Instructor

TKO Representative: Wing Au

St. Andrews Tsuruoka Karate-Do
St. Andrew's Elementary School Gym
St John's, NL
Wing Au, Head Instructor

Paradise Tsuruoka Karate-Do
Holy Innocents Church - Paradise Road
Paradise, NL
Wing Au, Head Instructor

Nova Scotia

Shoto Ryu Jutsu Karate
#3967 hy 308
Tusket, NS
B0W 3M0
Rob Sweeney, Head Instructor

TKO Representative North: Ted Jungblut
TKO Representative East: Tom Racey
TKO Representative Far North: Alexis Bone

Jungblut Karate
Ted Jungblut, Head Instructor

Jennings School of Karate
16 John W
Bradford, ON
L3Z 2B3
Jim Jennings, Head Instructor

Burlington Tsuruoka Karate
4155 Fairview Street
Burlington, ON
L7L 2A4
Tom Pryde, Head Instructor

Cedar Springs Karate
960 Cumberland Avenue,
Burlington, ON
L7N 3J6
Steve Hillmer, Head Instructor

Guelph Tsuruoka Karate
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON
Adrian Rawle, Head Instructor

Royal Military College of Canada Karate Club
CFB Kingston
Kingston, ON
Tom Racey, Head Instructor
George Day, Head Instructor

Tsuruoka Kai Karate Do Kitchener-Waterloo
625 Wabanaki Drive, Unit 8
Kitchener, ON
N2C 2G3
David Chin-Cheong, Head Instructor

Longlac Tsuruoka Karate Do
Senior Drop-In Center (basement)
Indian Road Lonlac ON

Milton Tsuruoka Karate
761 Main St E, Unit 3
Milton, ON
James Burke, Head Instructor

Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay Karate School
137 Pruden Street
Thunder Bay, ON

J.C. School of Karate
Shotokan Karate Thunder Bay
Volunteer Pool (upstairs) 180 Martha St
Thunder Bay, Ontario
John Charry, Head Instructor


Beaches Tsuruoka Karate
1977 Queen Street E., 2nd floor
Toronto, ON
Perry Haig, Head Instructor

Gien San Karate & Fitness
Toronto, ON
Martin Hung, Head Instructor

Sterling Hall Tsuruoka Karate
Sterling Hall Private School
99 Cartwright Ave
North York, ON
M6A 1V4
James McDonald, Head Instructor

TKO Representative: Steve Brown, Stephen DeGrace

Island Karate
13 Glen Stewart Drive
Stratford, PEI
C1B 1H1
Kirk Dalziel, Head Instructor

Cornwall Karate Club
East Wiltshire School
Kingston Road
Cornwall, PEI
Stephen DeGrace, Head Instructor

PEI Tsuruoka Karate Club
161 Stratford Road
Charlottetown, PEI
C1B 1H1
Logan Brown, Head Instructor

TKO Representative: Charles Boyce

Turner Recreation Commission Dojo
831 S 55th Street
Kansas City, KS 66106
Head Instructor: Charles Boyce

Sylvester Powell Community Center Dojo
6200 Martway
Mission, KS 66202
Head Instructor: Brad Courtney

Overland Park Home School
8500 W. 159th
Overland Park, KS 66223
Head Instructor: Charles Boyce

Grandview Community Center
13500 Byars RD.
Grandview, MO. 64030
Head Instructor: Charles Boyce

Kansas City Home School Karate
Turner Recreation Center
831 S. 55th Street
Kansas City KS. 66106
Head Instructor: Charles Boyce

YMCA Karate School
1101 NE 47th St.
Kansas City, MO. 64116
Head Instructor: Charles Boyce

Mandate of the Tsuruoka Karate Organization

We the members of the TKO, shall endeavour to promote, with guidance, openness and cooperation, the development of Tsuruoka Karate-Do, which embodies the spirit and methodology of its founder,
Masami Tsuruoka.